About us

Company iPro works in the IT market for the second decade already, and over this period of time we have successfully implemented more than two hundred projects.

Intrusion Detection Systems and Intrusion Prevention systems, artificial intelligence based (NBAD) modern computer safety tools and Network-Attached Storage have become a standard in the last years and we are proud to be the ones who initially helped to implement these in Latvia.


When you need a secure protection of your data bases against unsanctioned access, if information archiving and automatic backup systems are crucial, if you're willing to accelerate data processing and forwarding, and, moreover, if you want to make sure the information is not lost in any circumstances, even in case of force majeure, - then you are our customer.


If you consider all these tasks are pushover in relation with your business inherent problems - then you are our customer even more.


You know the best how to develop your business. And we know how to apply information technologies for this purpose. Through a combination of both we help our customers to reduce costs, increase the level of information security and improve business processes efficiency.

How we work

Strength of iPro specialists is an ability to go into detail in specifics of any business sector in no time, understand the essence of each case and find the optimum solution for the customer. Sometimes it may seem that we are too small-minded. Our employees will never sell a gadget without previous consideration, whether the customer really needs it. We want to make sure that everything you purchase with us will operate effectively in your circumstances. This is the reason why all iPro realized projects are successfully implemented and work well. 

With the best international experience, state-of-the-art equipments and our own know-how, we create optimum solutions for your company specifics. For this very reason we have an operating research test laboratory with the latest technologies.