iPro creates solutions that are suitable for current standards and technological requirements. Our partners are world known software and computer engineering manufacturers - brands with time proven reputation.


NetApp manufactures innovative products - data storage systems allowing customers around the globe to store, manage and protect one of their most valuable assets - their information. NetApp is a recognized sector leader which expands margins of current technologies so that the customers do not have to choose between saving and security.


Lancope has invented StealthWatch - a unique security and network monitoring technology. StealthWatch technology uses a unconventional approach to security issues, based on data flow analysis on the network. Such approach allows timely establishment of any harmful deviations in operation of network equipment.


VMware is the industry-leading virtualization software and cloud infrastructure company, offering its customers with proved solutions - from PCs to data processing centres. VMware helps companies of any kind to cut maintenance costs, provide for business continuity, and increase data protection and safety levels.


Checkpoint is the leading manufacturer of Firewall and VPN. Information protection systems based on CheckPoint products allow protecting mutual interchange of corporate network and attachment, as well as mobile users and remote offices.  


Company Cisco is a market leader in manufacturing of network appliances and modern means of communications. Not that long ago Cisco started to offer also complex solutions for server and work-station infrastructure virtualization. Cisco Unified Computing System contains equipment and software for virtualization needs.


American Power Conversion is the leading D.C and A.C. based backup power system manufacturer. It offers overcharge limiters and continuous power sources, as well as DC power systems and conditioning equipment, even software for power management systems and cooling systems.


Other partners


The manufacturers offer a very wide range of products - thousands of them. Each of these include the latest technologies that comply with the highest international standards.