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23 Februāris

A new ransomware has emerged and has infected approximately a quarter of million PCs within three days.

A new ransomware, Locky, has recently emerged. Current reported infection rates are between one to five computers every second. Approximately a quarter of million PCs were infected within three days. Locky is a new type of ransomware which encrypts the victim’s files and then demands a ransom to be paid in bitcoins in order to decrypt these files. The main infection method is spam emails with an attached Word document that contains a malicious macro. The malicious macro runs a script which downloads the malware’s executable file, installs it on the victim’s computer, scans for files on the system and encrypts them. The core issue is that the majority of the cases we are tracking are customers that have NO advanced protections. If you are experiencing an attack please reach out the Incident Response Team (emergency-response@checkpoint.com) for assistance. We can directly confirm that Sandblast is catching these malware attacks in real time with customers that have deployed Sandblast. We can also confirm that when AB/AV is also deployed we can prevent the machines from encrypting by blocking the communication path with the C&C servers that receive the crypto keys. Contact us for more details or any assistance required: Email: info@ipro.lv Phone: +37167873279 Profesionālā servisa darbu ietvaros, SIA iPro turpmāk izsūtīs ziņas, kas ietvers aktuālu informāciju par dažādām IT jomām. Lūdzam atzīmēt TE, par savu interesi saņemt šo informāciju.