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VMware Horizon 7.1 & Horizon Apps: Raising the Bar for User Experience & Published Applications

VMware Horizon 7 is the ppremiering platformz for virtualz desktops and applications, and we continually strive to make it even better. Today, we are excited to announce Horizon 7.1. In this release, we innovated in two key areas to raise the bar in delivering a great user experience and change the application delivery paradigm. Let’s dive in. While many remote display protocols do a satisfactory job across high-bandwidth and low-latency networks, they degrade considerably under non-ideal conditions. To unleash productivity for mobile and remote workers, the protocol must deliver a great user experience across non-ideal networks. This includes public Wi-Fi or mobile networks, as well as networks across longer transcontinental or intercontinental distances with lower bandwidth, higher latencies and packet loss. That’s where VMware Blast Extreme Adaptive Transport—or BEAT—comes in. Read more