New Frontiers: IT innovations in 5 minutes

No one likes reconfiguring QoS. Find out how we are making it smarter, faster, easier (and maybe even fun). Watch this video series and meet the engineers behind the latest network innovations.

— 19 Birželis 2017

Are You Prepared for the Latest Cyber Attack: WannaCry?

WannaCry is the newest large-scale ransomware targeting Microsoft Windows systems. In just one week it infected millions of computers in 150 countries. The ransom payment demands are made through Bitcoin and supported in 28 languages suggesting the significant global target. Once on your system it is very difficult decrypt your files to resolve. Best to preempt this threat!

— 19 Birželis 2017

VMware Horizon 7.1 & Horizon Apps: Raising the Bar for User Experience & Published Applications

VMware Horizon 7 is the premier platform for virtual desktops and applications, and we continually strive to make it even better. Today, we are excited to announce Horizon 7.1. In this release, we innovated in two key areas to raise the bar in delivering a great user experience and change the application delivery paradigm. Let’s dive in.

— 19 Birželis 2017

You can spend all your life to find solutions that work.

Niekas geriau už Jus nežino, kaip veikia Jūsų organizacija. Mes, savo ruožtu, žinome, kaip panaudoti informacines technologijas. Sujungus šias dvi žinių rūšis, mes padedame klientams sumažinti išlaidas, pakelti informacijos apsaugos lygį ir verslo procesų efektyvumą. 

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